Pump up the heat. Turn down the costs.

An effective and long-established technology, heat pumps have been in use for decades, providing safe, reliable heating and cooling around the world.

By installing a heat pump homes, businesses and farms will

  • Reduce energy costs
    Heat pumps are highly cost-efficient because they use a limitless supply of clean, pollution-free heat, captured from the surrounding air or in the ground.
  • Significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    A low carbon technology, heat pumps can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions

How does it work

Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to absorb heat stored in the ground, the air or in water and then raise this to a temperature level suitable for heating in the following way:

  • A large quantity of low grade energy absorbed from the environment is transferred to the refrigerant inside the heat pump (Evaporator).
  • This causes the temperature of the refrigerant to rise, causing it to change from a liquid to a gaseous state.
  • The refrigerant is then compressed, causing its temperature to increase significantly.
  • A heat exchanger (Condenser) then extracts the heat from the refrigerant to heat water for central heating, under floor heating or domestic hot water.
  • The refrigerant passes through an expansion valve, further reducing its temperature and turning it back into a liquid state.

How efficiently does this work?

Very efficiently! Around 75% of the energy needed for heating comes from the environment. This means that for every 1kWh of electricity used to power the heat pump compressor, between 3 and 4kWh of heating energy are produced, giving the heat pump an efficiency of up to 400%. We get this 400% figure based on the manufactures COP at certain flow temperatures, for example; a flow temperature of 35 degrees will give a better COP than one at running at 55 degrees due to the heat pump working a little harder to achieve the higher temperature. Because such a high proportion of the heating energy comes from the environment, carbon dioxide emissions from heat pumps systems can be as much as 50% less than a gas based system.