Renewables explained

The world of renewable energy is complex and our aim is to help you become ‘less green about going green’ by providing knowledgably and friendly advice on renewable energy solutions that best match your needs.

As one of the pioneers of renewable energy we are proud to be one of Northern Irelands leading providers of energy saving renewable solutions, specialising in Solar, Heat Pumps and Biomass products.

Essential Renewable Energy Information

  • Energy Savings – Renewable Energy Solutions = Lower Energy Bills!
    Future Renewables specialise in Solar, Heat Pumps and Biomass solutions which all offer cost savings by reducing the amount of electricity or heating fuel you need to buy.
  • Fossil Fuel supplies are limited
    Fossil fuels such as oil and coal, are a limited resource which will eventually become depleted.
  • Save the Environment
    fossil fuels are doing a huge amount of damage to the environment, and are largely responsible for causing global warming, through the emissions that are released. By installing a renewable energy solution, you will help the environment by producing a clean energy with a much lower environmental impact and ensuring energy security for future generations.