Energy Saving Tips

To maximise the performance of Future Renewables energy saving solutions, we advise customers to make their home or business as energy-efficient as possible before installation.

Our recommendations for saving energy include:

  • Install a Future Renewables Energy solution!
    Our range of renewable energy solutions will help you reduce your energy bills which translates into noticeable energy costs.
  • Insulate
    By investing in insulating, draught-proofing and double-glazing your home or business wherever you can you will reduce the amount of wasted energy.As warm air rises, insulating your roof space can help keep the heat in that usually disappears in your home.Unless your home is very new, you’re likely to be losing some heat through draughts around doors and windows, gaps around the floor, or through the chimney. Investing in draught-proofing products for doors and windows, seal your skirting boards with silicone sealant, and fit a chimney draught excluder or sealed fire guards.
  • Reducing electricity use from lighting and appliances
    Lighting accounts for 7 per cent of a typical household’s energy bill. Energy efficient bulbs are available for majority of household light fittings. By changing which bulbs you use and how you use them will instantly save your home energy and money.
  • Standby is wasted energy
    On average UK households spend between £45 – £80 a year powering appliances left in standby mode or not in use. Turning household appliances off will reduce energy bills.
  • Saving water.
    When we use water, we are often using energy, mostly to heat the water. By saving water customers can reduce energy use and bills, reduce the impact on your local environment, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less energy to pump, heat and treat the water.Generating energy produces carbon dioxide emissions which is one of the main greenhouse gases causing climate change. Heating water for use in our homes makes up about 4 per cent of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.