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How can you stay
warm & save money?

As the energy experts, the thing we like best –
and know you will too – is the opportunity to
save money.


Solar Solutions

Want to save 10% of your energy bill every year? Solar heating is the answer. The average home spends a quarter of its energy spend just heating water. A cost that can be eliminated by installing solar thermal…
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Heat Pumps

Heat from the earth that’s better for the planet. Ground temperature just below the surface is pretty consistent all year round, and this heat can be collected efficiently using ground heat source technology. Ground source heat pumps absorb heat stored in the earth through ground collectors – flexible pipes that are buried…
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Biomass systems are essentially wood fuelled heating systems, burning wood pellets, chips or logs to warm a room, power central heating and/or hot water boilers. And wood is a carbon neutral fuel…
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SAVE Money & Energy

The world of renewable energy is complex. Which is why Future Renewables take a straightforward approach. As the experts in every kind of established and evolving technologies, we’ll talk you through the options and work out what’s best for your budget.
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Product Maintenance

Service plans are vital to the smooth running and performance of any system. We offer comprehensive Biomass maintenance and servicing contracts with an on going commitment to ensuring the system operates efficiently and at its optimum performance.
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We’ve gone a long way to know everything we can about the changing energy business, the technologies available, what works best where and what for, and how to design and install them to get the best efficiencies.
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Want to be a little less green
about being greener?

We can answer all your questions.

On average, every home spends 20-25% of
its combined annual energy bills on water heating